Affordable and Versatile Kitchen Staples

Gourmet recipes taste delicious, but require several ingredients. Some of which you wouldn’t otherwise use. Rather than accruing the expense, let’s prepare meals with a few affordable yet versatile staples.

Bananas sometimes get a bad rap for their sugar content. However, bananas are loaded with nutrients that boost immunity, assist in cardiovascular health, and ease stomach discomfort. Bananas make simple snacks, pair with nut butters for sandwiches, garnish salads, make pancakes, and flavor baked goods!

Oats can help manage weight, reduce chronic inflammation, and aid in digestive health. Baked or refrigerated oats make for quick breakfasts. Healthful snack options include homemade granola bars or oat garnished yogurts. Oats can also make it to the dinner table in breads and risottos.

Eggs promote eye, skin, and immune health. Eggs are best consumed in moderation, 1-2 per day. Pairing eggs with fresh vegetables and whole grains is best to enhance flavor and capitalize on nutrients. Eggs can be eaten traditionally at breakfast or placed on salads and sandwiches, in burritos or quiche, or used as a binding agent in many recipes.

Check out a few simple favorite recipes for utilizing these kitchen staples!

Shelby Hunt, LAT, ATC is a Master’s of Public Health student at Kansas State University

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