Harvesters is a regional food bank that serves a 26-county area and supports more than 760 nonprofit agencies working to provide food and household products to those in need. Harvesters offers education programs to increase community awareness of hunger and teach about nutrition. Mobile distributions, BackSnack and other programs are offered to Riley County residents through Harvesters and partnering agencies. Harvesters’ Get Help webpage lists information for food assistance programs in Riley County. View the local monthly mobile distribution schedule on the Harvesters’ Learn More page.

Day          Time        City & Location                     Address
1st Friday   10-11a      Manhattan Westview Community Church 615 Gillespie Dr
2nd Friday   4:30-5:30p  Manhattan Blue Valley UMC           835 Church Ave
2nd Friday*  4:00-5:00p  Football Stadium East Parking Lot   2201 Kimball Ave
3rd Tuesday  10-11a      Manhattan Hulbert Hall at CICO Park Kimball & Avery
4th Tuesday  9:30-10:30a Ogden Community Center              220 Willow St
4th Tuesday  1-2p        Manhattan The Salvation Army        308 Poyntz Ave
*Schedule subject to academic year only

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