Eating with the Seasons

While almost all produce is available year round, eating with the seasons has advantages. Seasonal food is fresher, tastier, more nutritious – and more economical. Seasonal food is even better when purchased from a local producer, picked at the peak of ripeness and full of flavor. Out of season produce is harvested early so it can be shipped and distributed through retail stores.

A thriving household depends on the use of seasonal produce and the application of common sense.  Olivier de Serres

Eating seasonally means knowing what fruits and vegetables grow naturally in your climate during the year and choosing those for your family. In the United States, this can vary quite a bit from one state to another and many types of produce grow in more than one season. This seasonal food guide is a great tool to learn what is in season, in your state, and how to select, store and prepare each type of produce.  

This “have a plant” resource provides stories on how fruits and veggies boost our health. You will also find a bunch of recipes here!

Sharolyn Flaming Jackson is a Family and Consumer Sciences Specialist and Walk Kansas coordinator at K-State Research and Extension.

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