Get More Bang for your Buck (SNAP and WIC Benefits)

A limited grocery budget can create stress when trying to feed your family healthful meals.  Food assistance programs like SNAP and WIC can help stretch those dollars.  Questions about eligibility or assistance through educational resources locally and online are important. Click here to find out more!

Once you are familiar with your benefits there are many resources to help you be a wise shopper, great meal planner, and serve up delicious, nutritious meals for your family! 

  • Sample menus and grocery lists can help save time and money!
  • Learning from others just like yourself is always a great help! Tips, videos, and success stories from others who are facing the challenges of balancing time, money, healthy eating can be inspirtational and energizing.
  • Ever just want to whip up a casserole or an omelet but don’t have a recipe? Wish you had creative ideas for a new wrap or sandwich? These resources use basic ingredients, simple steps and the result………awesome dishes! Yum!

Vickie James is a Registered, Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist, and Coordinator for the Food and Farm Council of Riley County and City of Manhattan.

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