Kitchen Tasks for Kids

Are you always on the go and just can’t seem to find enough family time?  Is it a challenge to figure out what to cook that’s healthy and your kids will eat?  Consider that the kitchen is a great place for families to gather, enjoy time together and share the responsibilities of planning, preparing and eating healthy! Consider your kitchen a hands-on classroom and create a skill set and lifetime love of cooking!

Check out this great tasks for every age chart for kids in the kitchen. Even 2-3 year old toddlers can help in the kitchen.  Let them help measure dry ingredients or knead dough, both which are great for improving fine motor skills.  By the time your kids are 10-12 they may take the lead in the kitchen!  Eating broccoli takes on a whole new meaning if you helped buy, wash and prepare it yourself.

Kids today are so tech savvy and will enjoy these kitchen basics videos that include measuring basics, knife skills and working with bread dough.

Megan Dougherty is a Family and Consumer Science Riley County Extension Agent with K-State Research and Extension.

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