Preserving Berries!

Strawberries and other spring fruits can be frozen to enjoy later in the year. When freezing any fruits, be sure to freeze only fully ripe, good-quality fruit and wash them before freezing. Many fruits can either be frozen individually on a tray and then packed in a container (tray pack), or can be directly frozen in a container.

Tray packing makes the fruit easier to remove from the container, since it will remain loose, which is similar to commercial frozen products. Tray packing can be used for small whole fruits such as berries, or can be used for pieces of rhubarb, peach or other fruits. Spread a single layer of prepared fruit on shallow trays and freeze. Once frozen, promptly package in freezer-safe containers or bags and return it to the freezer. This method also provides a product without any added sugar.

Fruits such as strawberries also can be frozen directly in a container. The National Center for Home Food Preservation has instructions for freezing most fruits and vegetables for optimum quality and safety.

For more information on preserving fruit and other foods, see Preserve it Fresh, Preserve it Safe from K-State Research and Extension.

Source: The University of Georgia

Karen Blakeslee, M.S., K-State Research and Extension Associate, Rapid Response Center Coordinator, and Assistant Director of Kansas Value Added Foods Lab

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