Recycling Made Easy

Recycling is a two-step process. First, you have to understand what items can be recycled. Next, you have to make the commitment to just do it!


Ever wonder what those symbols mean on the bottom of all the plastic bottles you toss in your trash?  Those symbols were created by plastic manufacturers to help people identify the kind of plastic resin used to make the container. This can help you determine if the container can be accepted by your local recycling program.


Paper makes up 25 percent of trash generated each year, more than any other material.  Tip – Change your shopping habits and buy products made from recycled paper.  Reuse gift bags or look for ones that are made from recycled paper.

This is a great resource to help you better understand how to correctly recycle.  From plastic bags to light bulbs, learn how easy it is for your household to recycle.

Recycling basics for at home and school to help create recycling habits for the whole family! 

How can I help in my community?

Contact Howie’s Recycling and Trash Service to find out what household items are accepted for recycling. On Kansas State University campus, KSU Refuse/Recycling Center, is your go to place. Take your first steps towards recycling today!

Vickie James is a Registered, Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist, and Coordinator for the Food and Farm Council of Riley County and City of Manhattan.

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