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Use It or Lose It

Ever heard of first in, first out (FIFO) when it comes to reducing fresh food waste? It’s a refrigerator storage tip. You just put the older foods in front or on top so that you use them first.  If you buy a large amount of fresh food, like meat, poultry, or fish, divide it into meal-size packages, label the food, and freeze it for later use.  Use foods with the earliest expiration dates first.  No more fuzzy yogurt and unidentifiable mystery items in storage containers!

Did you know?

It is estimated that each year around $1,500 of food goes uneaten per a household of four?


Love Your Leftovers

Does your family ask you what’s for dinner and if you say leftovers they scream, whine and beg to order out? Check out the resource below that helps you search for recipes with specific ingredients or foods you have on hand.  Get your whole family in the act, make it a challenge to find a recipe that uses up those extra cooked veggies, or cooked ground beef. You can even filter by what equipment you want to use, such as the microwave for that hurry up day or slow cooker recipes to enjoy when you get home.

Vickie James is a Registered, Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist, and Coordinator for the Food and Farm Council of Riley County and City of Manhattan.

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