Soup is in Season

A bowl of hearty soup provides warmth and comfort on a cold day. Making soup is a simple and creative way to use leftovers.

While there are many recipes to choose from, you don’t really need one! Consider these components as you create your own delicious soup:

A protein source, such as leftover chicken, beef, pork or fish. Beans and peas, dried or canned, are another great source.

Add vegetables, leftover/canned/fresh/frozen. Onions, sweet peppers and mushrooms will add good flavor, along with a can of tomatoes. Stewed tomatoes, in particular, add great flavor to soup. Keep a “soup container” in your freezer to gather those small amounts of leftovers for later.

Grains, like brown rice, barley, and quinoa will add fiber and nutrients. Soup is perfect way to use up odds and ends of pasta from your cupboard.

Liquid makes this food combination a soup, often broth and/or cream. You can use canned broth or make your own using a stock or bouillon cubes and water. Season with onion powder, garlic powder, herbs – dry or fresh.

All of the ingredients, except pasta, can be added to the pot at one time and simmered for hours to bring out flavors. Add pasta about 15 minutes before serving. This video provides a great tutorial for making soup.

This is a favorite recipe that is super easy! Keep these ingredients on hand for a fast and tasty meal.

Sharolyn Flaming Jackson is a Family and Consumer Sciences Specialist and Walk Kansas coordinator at K-State Research and Extension.

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