Trying to Eat More Vegetables? Consider These Pantry Staples

Wanting to eat more vegetables? Easy ways to boost your vegetable consumption might be in your pantry. Many canned vegetables can easily be incorporated into recipes and having dried or canned beans on hand means you are never far away from a plant-protein-packed meal. Studies have shown that individuals who eat more fruits and vegetables as part of a nutritious diet have lower rates of chronic disease so eat up! 

When selecting canned or dried vegetables for your pantry, look for versions with low or no-added salt. Choose a variety of colors to get a wider variety of nutrients. Also consider convenience; dried beans may be less expensive, but they take a bit more time and planning to prepare. Think ahead or choose canned beans for a faster meal. 

Need some inspiration? Try one of these pantry staples today! 

Black beans: Add black beans to ground beef for tacos or enchiladas. Drain and rinse before adding to salads. Or smash into a paste for an update on hummus- pairs well with carrots sticks! 

Carrots: Add carrots to pasta or rice dishes. Serve roasted with honey and garlic. Or puree and mix into soups for added body and sweetness. 

Corn: Pair with black beans and onion for a quick salsa. Stir into stir fries. Or use as a topping for homemade pizza. 

Green beans: Season with garlic and parmesan. Roast with tomatoes. Or whip up a green bean casserole. 

Peas: Add to macaroni and cheese, stir fries, casseroles, salads, or soups. 

Pinto beans: A filling addition to soups or stews, a classic choice for three-bean salads, or cook with tomato sauce and top with cheese for pizza beans! 

Tomatoes: Crushed tomatoes are easy to hide from picky eaters when stirred into beef recipes like tacos or meatloaf. Canned tomatoes make a quick tomato sauce more flavorful than jarred or could be used as an easy vegetable boost to many casseroles. 

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